the word normal?

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  • the word normal?


Answer #1 | 22/05 2006 08:18
What about it?
Answer #2 | 22/05 2006 08:20
ya wat?
Answer #3 | 22/05 2006 08:19
Normal is? What is normal to you might not be to me?
Answer #4 | 22/05 2006 08:19
No such thing! Who's to say what normal is!! Are jocks normal? Are nerds normal? If one grouping of people are normal, then everyone else is not normal & unique??? Hard philosophical question!!!
Answer #5 | 22/05 2006 08:21
I mean it is only a word, but i use it to mean somewhere near the middle of the bell curve, how most people live or react. something i see a lot across the board. examples: it's normal to feel hurt if your bf leaves you it's normal to feel sad if your mother dies it's normal to gain weight when pregnant it's normal to have periods if you're a woman it's normal to cry if you are sad it's normal for cuts to itch when they are healing it's normal for your husband to be angry if you cheat
Answer #6 | 22/05 2006 08:21
normally it means normal, do you have something abnormal?
Answer #7 | 25/05 2006 18:50
there is no thing as normal because everyone has a different vocabulary of normal
Answer #8 | 22/05 2006 08:32
take 100 people and ask them a multiple choice question .The choice that gets the most answers would be the normal.This is just an example.You can apply to other things but basically that's how you determine normal
Answer #9 | 22/05 2006 08:25
hate it
Answer #10 | 22/05 2006 08:23
Town of Normal, Illinois. it is out there...

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