The weight of 10 identical samples of a substance is 0.01 pound. What is the weight of 10,000 samples?

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  • The weight of 10 identical samples of a substance is 0.01 pound. What is the weight of 10,000 samples?


Answer #1 | 09/04 2015 07:02
all major brands make good shoes and one is not better than the other, it depends on the surface you run on and your weight as to how long a shoe lasts.
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Answer #2 | 18/12 2016 19:16
Longest Shoe
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Answer #3 | 09/04 2015 03:02
nike, i think.
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Answer #4 | 11/04 2015 10:12
No given brand has developed the technology to make their shoes last longer than the the other brands, they all last 500 miles. You can, as I see in some responses, that you can run longer in them same as you can jump in a parachute longer than it is recommended or wear a seat belt or a football helmet. Possibly shoe companies have agreed to compete regarding comfort or look rather than durability since it is to their benefit.
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Answer #5 | 10/04 2015 16:25
I think everyone is different because it depends on the level you thrash your shoes in. My Nike's have lasted 3 years so far and they're still good. I've used them in everyday walking and in running miles in the rain, wet grass, mud, and literally everything you could imagine haha.
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Answer #6 | 09/04 2015 05:23
Asics running shoes will last the longest and be more comfortable for the longest. That is specifically what they were made for.
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Answer #7 | 11/04 2015 15:19
Every running shoe lasts 400-600 miles approx. Depending on the surface you run on and how you actually run. Personally, I love Asics. It adapts the best to my foot and they are really good quality! I had my last ones for 3 years and I used to run on concrete every single day outside. I just bought some new Asics, I wanted to change brands, but the sales person told me that Nike and Adidas weren't for me, if I was used to Asics already. She told me Asics was like a pro shoe and the other ones were for beginners. She also told me that customers didn't like the shoes of the brand "New Balance".
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Answer #8 | 11/04 2015 13:06
If you want longer lasting shoes then be prepared to spend more money on them, better quality shoes are usually more expensive because they're made with more durable material. Every one is different when it comes to running shoes, personally I like Asics, my last pair lasted me about 3 years before they started to wear out. I run indoors and out doors at least 2-3 times a week.
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Answer #9 | 28/05 2016 11:15
When you find the best traveling app for cheap flights let us know as we all want to know that one. There is no such thing as best for cheap flights.
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Answer #10 | 24/04 2016 07:14
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Answer #11 | 09/04 2015 06:37
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Answer #12 | 28/05 2016 11:54
Travelocity sounds nice
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Answer #13 | 09/04 2015 08:08
I ran in a pair of Nike's for nearly three years and they weren't an expensive model.
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Answer #14 | 28/05 2016 11:59
I would beware of using any third party apps. You lose some protections not going directly through the airline, and those "cheap" flights are often the first to be bumped if the flight is overbooked, etc. I have found that using Google Flights ( ) to enter my details gives me a look at various options, including airlines, routes, and prices. Then I can book directly.
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Answer #15 | 09/04 2015 20:16
Honestly, every person is different. For me, Brooks and Saucony running shoes seem to be the best for me. Mizuno for me is horrible. But everyone else on my team thinks I'm crazy because I don't like Mizuno. My coach loves Asics, my best friend loves Nike. It's all about personal preference.
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Anonymous135071 | 18/10 2018 01:31
I don't know
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Answer #17 | 28/05 2016 11:02
I use Expedia
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Answer #18 | 13/04 2015 10:31
Depends on how much you run per week, what you do other than run in them, how you treat them and other factors. Cost is important to. The biggest bang for your buck is in the $70-80 range. They get from 600-800 miles per pair of shoes.
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Answer #19 | 08/04 2015 15:58
If you have a Samsung directv 4k compatible TV and when directv starts broadcasting 4k content (besides on demand movies) then yes. Sister used to have directv and I didn't like it. This was several years ago so things might have changed but the menu was slow and there were way too many on demand shows. If you like to channel surf then all those on demand channels become really annoying. If you watch a lot of on demand shows then it's great. The list of on demand adult shows blows away cable TV.
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Answer #20 | 11/04 2015 18:04
You're advised t change your shoes every 500 miles
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Answer #21 | 09/04 2015 06:36
There's no universal answer. It's more about individual models, how you run, the surfaces on which you run, if you rotate shoes, etc.
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Answer #22 | 10/04 2015 07:09
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Answer #23 | 28/05 2016 12:05
The "cheap flight" mentality is dangerous to have. Yes, nobody wants to spend more than they need to but the airfares are set by the airlines and any legitimate company must sell them for the same price. I say legitimate because there are a lot of scam sites and apps preying on people like you. I would strongly advise against googling all willy nilly for cheapest airfares because you'll likely get a scam site which will not only take your bank information and empty your accounts but could also steal your identity. I only book directly through the airline's websites. However, sites like travelocity, expedia and other major sites are fine but won't save you any money unless you buy a hotel package. Ultimately, it comes down to whether you would LIKE to go somewhere or if you NEED to go somewhere. You have to decide how much going somewhere is worth to you. I travel a lot and compared to two days on a stinky Greyhound bus, I'm willing to pay just about any airfare. That said, I do my research. Look up alternate airports and dates and can usually find a deal that is satisfactory to me. But sometimes I NEED to be somewhere. I travel at the last minute a lot and you get what you get. Also, you have certain airlines like Spirit, Allegiant and Frontier which may appear to have the least expensive fares but they have many additional fees like checked baggage, carry on baggage, ticket printing, seat selection and more. I watched someone buy a ticket that started out at $59 and ended up $178
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Answer #24 | 28/01 2017 06:49
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