the fretboard on my guitar is a little faulty. Can i replace it?

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  • the fretboard on my guitar is a little faulty. Can i replace it?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 04:02
No, you don't need to replace the board. Problems with noting out or buzzing are usually addressed by working on the frets, neck curvature, or string height, depending on the exact issue. Check to make sure that the end of your 17th fret hasn't popped up out of its slot under that string. If so, don't try to fix it yourself, just take it to a guitar tech (a local music shop or guitar store will have someone on staff or be able to refer you to someone). Shouldn't cost much. If this is an electric guitar with an adjustable bridge, raising the action (string height) under that string at the bridge may provide a workaround, but if you need to raise it uncomfortably high to fix the original problem, take it to the tech. They usually don't charge just to look at a guitar. If you just bought the guitar, the store from which you purchased it ought to take care of the problem at no cost.
Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 06:02
Replacing the fretboard or buying a new guitar seems a little excessive! You don't say what type or make of guitar you have so it's hard to comment really. Firstly, it is VERY unlikely to be a problem that can be corrected by adjusting the truss rod, so if someone suggests you do that, ignore them! There are two likely possibilities: the action (the height of the strings above the fretboard) on the 1st string is simply too low. This is easy to adjust on an electric guitar by raising the individual bridge saddle or the treble side of the bridge. It is more difficult on an acoustic. If this isn't the problem (if it doesn't fix it or you have to have a really high action) the most likely problem is that the 17th fret is too high - it could have lifted slightly. This is a job for a guitar tech.

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