Tall/Skinny guy can't gain muscle!?

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  • Tall/Skinny guy can't gain muscle!?


Answer #1 | 30/12 2013 05:14
I'm in the same as you're in buddy and I'm almost 18! Anyhow, I have gained a little weight, but not much. I'm a little less than 6'1 and I weigh 143 lbs. So yeah, I am still rather skinny, but I know atleast that it's possible to gain weight step by step even if you're an ectomorph. You gotte keep on working out AND eat plenty. That is to say, eat right though. Eat things with lots of proteins in it like chicken, red meats, eggs, slim milk is good as well. It's a combination of working out and eating right that'll get you to gain weight. No need for shakes and certainly not for creatine. Btw you're tall, so it's normal that you'll seem to be skinny even if you weigh more than others. Don't give up!
Answer #2 | 30/12 2013 08:19
I am also super skinny and was the same when I first started to workout. I could barely bench anything but just kept working out I started to work out about 2 yrs ago and weighed 115 now I weigh 140 its not much but I do have a big chest and biceps now. I use to take creatine and protein but I didnt see any results so I just stopped. You just gotta workout hard and when you think your done keep going do super sets and drop sets till failure and till your sore af you will get bigger

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