Subway Restaurant ????????????????????????

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  • Subway Restaurant ????????????????????????


Answer #1 | 04/07 2009 06:49
just fill out the application that they supply
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Answer #2 | 02/07 2009 22:39
1. No, a resume is not needed for subway. 2. If you had a paper route job, put it down. It will ask from when to when, so you might need to remember that. 3. What do you want to work? Part time can be anywhere from a few hours a week to thirty or thirty five every other week or so. It depends. Full time would be consistently over thirty two hours per week. Seasonal is just for the summer or for a few months and that's it. Temporary would mean about the same thing. You would have to talk to someone after they hire you about the hours. 4. If they call you for an interview, or you need to do an interview right away, let them know any questions you have. I think one of the questions is what would you do if someone said they didn't want lettuce on their sub but you put lettuce on it? Just be honest. 5. I would put down that you graduated and are enrolling in college. Best of luck to you future sandwhich artist.
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