Stealing a Porsche 911?

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  • Stealing a Porsche 911?


Answer #1 | 30/10 2013 13:10
In america, the best way to not get caught is to not be black. Ask a cop what he thinks.
Answer #2 | 30/10 2013 14:25
Here is a good way to do it an not get caught: Go to a dealership of your choice, offer them the full asking price for a car of your choice in cash (car salesmen fall for the cash thing every time!) Go through the paperwork process, then drive off! Everyone at the dealership will be so overwhelmed with the cash and having everything done legally that they won't even think to call the cops. Then you can enjoy your new ride... at least until someone "wants to steal a new car, probably a Porsche 911".
Answer #3 | 30/10 2013 18:01
You could hijack one if you had a gun. Not sure about the 'not getting caught" part, though. you might have to spend 20 years in jail. Are you okay with that?
Answer #4 | 30/10 2013 18:44
What you need to do is cover yourself in lemon juice. It makes you invisible to cameras.
Answer #5 | 01/11 2013 09:22
go for a test drive make a spare key, come back and drive it off the lot. Or, learn how to be a tow truck driver and when you spot one where someone just got out of it for dinner or something, load it up on the flatbed tow truck.

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