Starting to feel like I need love so much?

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  • Starting to feel like I need love so much?


Answer #1 | 24/12 2013 02:30
Hey, don't worry about it too much. :) Try to take some action first. I'm sort of in the same situation, except I'm in high school. And I'm scared to talk to guys. XD First of all, have confidence in yourself, and when someone walks by, if you want them to take interest in you and like you, give them a smile. If they're just walking by, don't give them a HUGE smile, just a small smile, like you see them and you're saying "hi." As a girl, I'm pretty shy, and if a guy doesn't smile at me, I feel a bit intimidated, so smile and be yourself. Some girls might be shy or scared to talk to you, so be approachable. Smile, stand up stand, back straight, chin up. Also, pay attention to body language, smiling, and just talking. Talk slowly and listen to other people. You may not know it, but listening to others is JUST as important as talking to them. Show them you're paying attention by looking at them, nodding and smiling. It's not TOO hard to chat, make small talk if you practice. Just be yourself and ask them questions, like, hey, have you seen the new movie ....? Or, have you heard the news about ....? I can't believe summer is over! What did you do?? (Don't ask too many yes or no questions. Make sure they can talk a lot :P) Next, if can, try to improve your appearance and health. Everyone likes a man who looks good. If you're Caucasian, you can get a SLIGHT tan, but don't overdo it. (I think tans look good) :) Also, work out in the gyms. Get fit and look fit. You can also work out more and get like a six-pack, but it's important to look fit. :) Also, get some nice clothes that show off, compliment your body/height etc. And if you're hair is messy, get a hair cut. Now the final step is just to be positive, confident and GET out there. Go to parties, maybe yearly parties at your work place? Join hobby clubs, go to the mall, the movie theater, maybe a bar or club. That way you can meet new people. Good luck dude. You can do it, just smile and be yourself! :)
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