Speakers have great volume and sound?

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  • Speakers have great volume and sound?


Answer #1 | 30/12 2013 10:28
could be a number of things... Is the problem across the board with all headphones you plug into the PC or just one particular set (have you tried other headphones..?) Your friends are right that a European Law 'restricts' the volume level on some headphones...this law is mostly aimed at products that are for professional use - people who work with headphones for long periods of the day...if your headphones aren't restricted then it could be the Ohm rating of the headphone and your PC isn't powerful enough to drive the sound into the headphones, you could tackle this problem with an inexpensive headphone amplifier or buy more suitable headphones with a Ohm rating between 25-80 Ohms. To be honest it isn't healthy to listen to loud music for long periods of time...if you damage your ears they cannot be repaired...
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