so what about rock music really attracts you?

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  • so what about rock music really attracts you?


Answer #1 | 18/06 2009 22:03
As a drummer I have to say... the drums.
Answer #2 | 18/06 2009 23:19
the energy behind the whole combo
Answer #3 | 18/06 2009 22:10
everyythinggggggg. i love bands like pearl jam, nickleback, against me, foofighters, and soo muchhh more!
Answer #4 | 18/06 2009 23:34
What stands out most for me is probably the guitar parts. But it's a combo of everything, the drums, the vocals, the catchy riffs, the guys ;) etc. Rock music is the best :D
Answer #5 | 19/06 2009 02:27
Combo. The awesome vocals, awesome guitars, awesome drums, awesome baas and awesome message together make the best genre of music called "ROCK"!!!! \m/
Answer #6 | 19/06 2009 07:47
Its everything! I love every single thing about rock n roll. RnR will never die!
Answer #7 | 19/06 2009 03:55
I just love the way rock bands like green day,linkin park or any other band jam out their guitars,It is because of this very reason that I started to learn the guitar.

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