Small painless lump/ball in my armpit?

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  • Small painless lump/ball in my armpit?


Anonymous952797 | 04/07 2019 12:40
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Anonymous290699 | 14/04 2019 17:43
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Anonymous346540 | 26/10 2019 12:50
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Anonymous468912 | 30/05 2019 20:45
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Anonymous556739 | 28/03 2019 21:13
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Anonymous408413 | 25/04 2019 13:09
Small lump under skin in the armpit? | Yahoo Answers [url=]sore lump under armpit[/url]
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Anonymous446914 | 04/04 2019 22:46
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Anonymous318761 | 07/03 2019 04:49
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Anonymous237882 | 22/03 2019 17:09
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Anonymous797024 | 19/03 2019 18:15
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Anonymous41654 | 21/03 2019 20:38
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Anonymous750415 | 25/06 2019 20:01
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Anonymous920567 | 27/05 2019 10:50
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Anonymous712313 | 12/07 2019 00:07
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Anonymous245685 | 15/07 2019 10:36
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Anonymous706540 | 16/06 2019 04:31
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Anonymous232999 | 26/06 2019 04:08
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Anonymous147625 | 07/06 2019 15:01
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Answer #19 | 04/01 2014 17:02
If the lump grows larger or becomes painful over the next week, tell your mom. Could be nothing or you could be developing a cyst that needs medical treatment..
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Anonymous857837 | 04/06 2019 19:48
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Anonymous463606 | 03/07 2019 11:45
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Anonymous743933 | 28/09 2019 13:32
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Anonymous535813 | 30/09 2019 00:50
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Anonymous569721 | 30/11 2019 13:15
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Anonymous493829 | 09/05 2019 19:16
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Anonymous372265 | 03/05 2019 14:56
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Anonymous594358 | 14/05 2019 20:39
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Anonymous781402 | 10/06 2019 23:03
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Anonymous318474 | 06/07 2019 15:38
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Anonymous926772 | 18/07 2019 07:31
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Answer #31 | 04/01 2014 17:20
If you are concerned enough to post that here, you should tell your mother.
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Anonymous587382 | 12/09 2019 20:37
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Anonymous240263 | 19/09 2019 18:04
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Anonymous338606 | 22/06 2019 04:59
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Anonymous556182 | 13/12 2019 20:04
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Anonymous401849 | 11/11 2019 00:04
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Anonymous904196 | 04/11 2019 01:14
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Anonymous480866 | 19/09 2019 14:38
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Anonymous833165 | 14/12 2019 00:45
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Anonymous895710 | 15/11 2019 08:48
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Anonymous585250 | 29/11 2019 08:14
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Anonymous44715 | 08/12 2019 16:51
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Anonymous274690 | 06/12 2019 12:04
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