SM, YG, OR JYP? (Should I try all three?)?

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  • SM, YG, OR JYP? (Should I try all three?)?


Answer #1 | 24/12 2013 14:40
I think you should just try all three. Even if the odds are stacked against you, don't let negative comments put you down. Many many people try for theses company's though. Kpop is gradually changing and soon there is bound to be at least one foreigner in the industry... Good luck~ Hwaiting! An international kpop group called The Gloss is debuting soon and they have a French member.
Answer #2 | 27/12 2013 01:20
SM is very picky and strict especially about looks. If you saw all their artists (TVXQ, SUPERJUNIOR, SNSD, BOA, SHINee, F(X), KANGTA, EXO etc,) most of them are good-looking. And mostly all of the SM's artists becomes really successful not just right now but also their former artists like H.O.T , SHINHWA. YG isn't really picky about looks unlike SM but I think YG only accepts koreans because as far as I know all their artists are koreans though they have non-koreans trainees but still. I don't know much about JYP but as what I've seen to their artists, it looks they're looking talents and looks equally. If I were you, don't choose the big 3 because their standards are very high especially to those non-koreans. Those companies you've listed are the big 3 (SM, YG, JYP). Of course those three are the best among the others. Korea still have many companies so maybe you can audition there and get accepted. You didn't think if you're good enough to that company, you're just only thinking of what company you should want to. Did you know that tons of people wants to be a kpop star? Koreans and non-koreans even non asians auditioned but only few were selected. Did you know that those fews got selected still unsured they'll debut? If it's your fate to be a kpop star then good if not then don't force it. I'm not telling you to quit or stop dreaming but I just want to say what's reality.

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