Sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming?

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  • Sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 03:41
It's funny because i wanted to lucid dream but i stopped wanting to because of sleep paralysis.Do you sleep on your back?Your most likely going to get sleep paralysis if you sleep on your back. Also,you would feel a heavy weight on your chest.Keep a dream journal, what you write doesn't have to be long at all just something that would make you remember quite a lot of the dream.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 07:57
First of all you need to understand what sleep paralysis actually is. Everybody experiences sleep paralysis every time they sleep. In your sleep your body produces glycine and GABA to immobilize your skeletal muscles. Otherwise you'd be kicking and thrashing about when you dream - not nice. Lucid dreaming is simply being aware (conscious), when you are dreaming. When you are aware you are dreaming you can take control over parts of the dream. While you are in your lucid dream state, you may try to wake yourself up, and find you cannot move. That is the scary sensation many people remember about their sleep paralysis. It's easy to solve your problem. Just tell your mom NOT to shout louder and louder. If she just touches you, or shakes your arm, you will immediately wake up from sleep paralysis. Tell you mom that if you do not respond after her first call, she should walk into your room and give your arm a little shake. (Otherwise it will take about 2-3 minutes to wake up from sleep paralysis. You may try scrunching your face hard 3-4 times to break the sleep paralysis.) If your dreams are not vivid as you would like then try getting more sleep. Your best dreams will occur an hour or two before waking time. Also you don't need to keep a written diary.. Just make a conscious effort to remember your dreams. As soon as you wake up you should make a mental note of your dream. Recall as much detail as possible. You'll have a mental diary - not a written one.
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