Silent Hill: Downpour vs Silent Hill HD Collection?

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  • Silent Hill: Downpour vs Silent Hill HD Collection?


Answer #1 | 21/03 2012 08:28
Based on your preferences I would recommend the HD collection. Silent Hill 2 & 3 are both great games with plenty of replay value as you can unlock different things each play through, as well as try different difficulties of the puzzles for more of a challenge. Downpour does have its moments but with its glitches, the only thing it does better than the HD collection is its graphics. Plus you get two games to play through vs only one. Both Downpour and HD collection offer a limited inventory system but if you get knocked into a corner in downpour, your camera does this weird high angle that basically leaves you swinging/shooting blindly at whatever hit you into the corner. So like I said before, based on your preferences, I would recommend the HD collection.
Answer #2 | 21/03 2012 15:10
Based on what you have said, I think that you would prefer Downpour. The Silent Hill HD Collection contains 2 and 3, both of which use plenty of fixed camera angles and are rather linear. Downpour is not as scary, but the combat is more developed, and you are free to roam the city and do sidequests. As for the inventory, I don't think it's very limited in 2 or 3, but in Downpour you can only hold one firearm and one melee weapon at a time, which definitely adds to the tension.

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