Should we have a war with Chiang Hai?

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  • Should we have a war with Chiang Hai?


Answer #1 | 21/03 2008 14:42
No..lets just go over there and change all of their signs to Chiang Mai...they'll never notice. *Chicago? May I be a part of it too...I just want to change signs though...but I want a cool uniform...? NICE! Thanks! ;)
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Answer #2 | 21/03 2008 14:46
ill volunteer chicago---give me a gun and lets roll! no teri yaki all of our teachings come from the yamster
Answer #3 | 21/03 2008 14:45
Yes we should Bears Fan- I'll join.
Answer #4 | 21/03 2008 14:42
ya one letter difference bears fan, you should get a army together edit: ill join
Answer #5 | 21/03 2008 14:47
heck yeah war-war-war ..... but only here on Y!A no more of our boys need die in foreign countries .... im in for a raise my self ...Head of Defense
Answer #6 | 21/03 2008 14:47
Do we have a Dali Lama? Or llamas? or Lorenzo Lamas?
Answer #7 | 21/03 2008 17:33
Hey...don't forget me....all good armies need dey Hos...and TJs "House of Hos" deals in only the finest....... (And my Caddy is armored.....)
Answer #8 | 21/03 2008 15:04
Yee-ah let's. Who will bring the tanks?!!!
Answer #9 | 21/03 2008 14:47
Yes......I heard that the last time they were in a war, they gave up on day 2. So count me in...I want the 14,000,000

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