Should tipping be required at a child's birthday party?

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  • Should tipping be required at a child's birthday party?


Answer #1 | 04/11 2013 16:06
You are correct. A tip should never be required unless specified in advance. I NEVER do business like that. I would have crossed off the tip line and walked out. If they gave me any trouble, I would have called the police and made a big scandal as I waited, so as to teach them some manners. A tip is a gratuity since the services have already been paid. Period. Call your credit card company and report them right away for harrasment and intimidation. Also, let the Better Business Bureau know and even the corporate offices that own the place. You could also contact David Horowitz to do a story.
Answer #2 | 04/11 2013 16:35
it's your choice. Were they that good that you think they deserve a tip? If you aske me you shoukn't need to pay for a tip because a price was already given.
Answer #3 | 04/11 2013 16:33
its your choice whether you what to tip or not, It's your money.
Answer #4 | 04/11 2013 16:31
Like the others have said gratuity is always mentioned before hand especially if its for a party of 6 or more. I would have asked to talk to the manager and explained the situation and that way they would understand you weren't in the wrong but whoever gave the information was. However, if this was a restaurant I would have expected to give tip but since you said it was for a party gratuity is usually always added in for larger parties. Not fair to spring it on you like that.
Answer #5 | 04/11 2013 16:10
It is your choice to tip or not. Just as it was your choice to spend $600 Dollars on child's birthday party. Please do not be intimidated to tip. Once again it is your business and if they don't like it ..too bad...
Answer #6 | 04/11 2013 16:36
it id your choice to tip or not you dont have to.
Answer #7 | 04/11 2013 18:23
Answer #8 | 05/11 2013 00:21
Answer #9 | 04/11 2013 20:15
It is your choose whether or not if you tip
Answer #10 | 04/11 2013 19:32
Well if I was you I would not give them a tip especially if you had to spend $600 I think you spent enough money already so I wouldn't even bother with a tip. If they asked me for a tip I would probably go off on them. They already got enough of your money
Answer #11 | 04/11 2013 18:44
That is a bit tacky on the part of the fun park to ask for a tip, especially when they didn't discuss that upfront with you. It is an indoor fun park, not a restaurant. If the service provided by the person or people leading the activities is very good, you are certainly free, out of your own free will, to give a tip to those individuals. But in your situation, it doesn't sound like it was justified. The best tip you could provide for this place/company is your referral to other parents, but sounds like they lost a customer and other potential customers with this shenanigans they tried to pull on you.

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