Should my partner stay home for four months?

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  • Should my partner stay home for four months?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 06:32
wow controlling much? Good luck getting a ring, he already has the ankle chain
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Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 03:41
you have all right to ask him to stay with you now. You just have a baby, he can help you instead of getting drunk every night!
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Answer #3 | 20/12 2013 09:42
It's not quite clear from your the father of your children capable of drinking responsibly, or not? I mean, this guy doesn't want to marry you. It's nice to say that you think kids mean sacrifice, but is HE on board with that belief? This is a guy who doesn't want to go through the small amount of work it takes to formally, legally commit himself to you, and you think he'll be on board with sacrificing every evening's entertainment for 4 months?
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