Should I restore or just leave as is?

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  • Should I restore or just leave as is?


Answer #1 | 12/11 2013 03:00
If you bought it at a flea market, chances are that it's not worth very much.
Answer #2 | 12/11 2013 04:49
These sort of questions are always very subjective. If your looking at it financially, then its a simple case of ascertaining the post restoration value Vs the pre then weighing up againts the cost. If you like tthat particular model or simply enjoy restoring things and want to restore for the love of it, then it doesnt matter whether its worth it or not. Never has the saying "one mans junk is another mans treasure" been more applicable. I have restored things that other people will question and i have seen other things restored that i would question. The fact you have purchased it and are asking would suggest that, to you, its worthing doing; go for it!

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