Should I read Mocking Jay?

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  • Should I read Mocking Jay?


Answer #1 | 02/01 2014 18:30
If you read the book first: -you know what happens sooner -you will know things they leave out of the movie -if they leave out key points from the book then it might cause to movie to be a little confusing. If you've already read the book then you'll know whats going on. For example when I went to see catching fire with my friend she kept asking me questions about district 13 and the rebellion. Because they left out bonnie and twill the significance of the rebellion and 13 was left out and details were missing so it was a little confusing If you see the movie first: One reason why I like to see the movie before reading the book is so I can enjoy the movie at least once. For example I watched twilight before I read the book and thought "that movie wasn't so bad". After I read the book I watched twilight again and thought "that movie was awful" because they left out so much. If you watch mockingjay before reading the book then you won't be mad if they leave things out until after you've read the book. It's nice to enjoy the movie at least once. You could choose to read mockingjay first or not. It depends on which reasoning you choose to be most logical.
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Answer #2 | 02/01 2014 11:17
Spoil the movie? Really? How can you spoil the movie. If anything, if you watch the movie first then you read the book, you spoil the book. You should definitely read Mocking Jay first. It is a really good book. Just read it.
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Answer #3 | 02/01 2014 11:40
Read the book, definitely.
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Answer #4 | 02/01 2014 11:52
Yes definitely read it now. Books are better than movies even though the the hunger games movies were pretty good I still think the books are better.
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Answer #5 | 02/01 2014 15:12
NO, don't read it. Not because you'll spoil the movie or any such nonsense, but simply because Mockingjay was a terrible book. You'll be much happier just leaving it at Catching Fire and walking away from the series right now.
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Answer #6 | 02/01 2014 11:20
Read the book. After all, the movies are based off of the books,not the other way around.
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