should i quit my job?

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  • should i quit my job?


Answer #1 | 19/05 2012 20:13
Id quit. These jobs are a dime a doze.. besides it doesnt sound like you need a whole lot of hours
Answer #2 | 19/05 2012 20:14
i probly would, but if u need the job that bad try finding one first try temp agencies
Answer #3 | 19/05 2012 20:15
I need some help here. Is that the only restaurant in town? You said it yourself, you have worked at other places. In case you are worried, you'll hurt your Grandpa, just let him know you don't like working at that place and find another job. I am pretty sure, there will be other places that need your skill set. I don't care where I work as long as I get the respect I deserve rather than being made a scapegoat for anything and everything or become a verbal punching bag because the idiots of bosses that I work for don't have anyone to channel their anger.
Answer #4 | 19/05 2012 20:46
You should love what you are doing. There are plenty of good paying jobs out there, so just follow your heart, do what you think is right, and what you think will make you happy. Happiness makes for a great life.

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