Should I let people tell me how to do my makeup? Should I let this get to me?

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  • Should I let people tell me how to do my makeup? Should I let this get to me?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 00:33
Ok, so here is how I see it. I love dramatic lips and dramatic eye make up, but for everyday use it may be a little bit to much to do both of them .What I like to do is have a dark lip and neutral eyes (or maybe smokey brown eyeshadow for a little bit more dramatic look ) or have really bolt eyes and neutral lips , you get the point. When you have both eyes and lips that are really bolt and dark it may look either goth-ish or like a night out type of look , so unless you're into goth makeup or you're going out ,it's too much for everyday. I hope I helped :)
Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 08:55
Well, some people don't realize that they come off pushy about their suggestions to you. If they're saying it nicely but you don't like that they're saying that to you, just be polite and just agree with them or perhaps tell them that you'd prefer this or that.. (but in a calm manner if you don't want to cause any fights over something so trivial) If you agree with them, it makes them feel better so they'll most likely stop bothering you and then do what you want and don't follow their suggestion to spite them. haha. It's your choice and decision in the end, after all. Why should they tell you how to do your make up anyway? It's your face and its you who knows it best. :) Suggestions are supposed to remain as suggestions and not demands. :)

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