Should I have to move again?

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  • Should I have to move again?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 13:05
Next time it happens, call the landlord and tell him you are calling the town building inspector to make sure everything on the house is permitted and up to code. Sounds to me like he did a lot of half-a$$ed plumbing work himself to save money. Hopefully he didn't mess around with the structural or electrical work. I'm guessing that he bought that house and tried to flip it himself, but ran out of money before he could finish it (hence, no appliances). So he decided to cut his losses and rent it, but he has no idea what his responsibilities as a landlord are. BTW, it sounds to me like the water pressure in the house is too high and needs to be throttled back either at the street or at the meter, but that's his problem.
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