Should i have said something?

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  • Should i have said something?


Answer #1 | 14/10 2013 16:25
your wife is right. This restaurant deserves to be walked out on. Terrible customer service!!
Answer #2 | 14/10 2013 17:14
what a bad service.
Answer #3 | 14/10 2013 17:10
You should have paid your bill, minus the bad food.
Answer #4 | 14/10 2013 16:30
She should have said something if she was so worried about it!
Answer #5 | 14/10 2013 17:35
Answer #6 | 14/10 2013 18:51
you should have said (the food was good but your manners need work) and walk out
Answer #7 | 15/10 2013 04:59
It seems like your wife is saying you're bad. But that idiot server is the cause. So please relax. I think no need to be yelled at that time, because if you did that, other people around you may feel bad too. So what you acted was better way :) But I understand your wife's feeling. She wanted something result. Because she was ignored. You have to think about this. Probably you could call manager and tell what is happening. About payment, you should pay to avoid any trouble anyway. I think that's the smart way.
Answer #8 | 15/10 2013 02:47
you should have said something about too much bad costumer service .
Answer #9 | 14/10 2013 20:24
Yes,everything has reasons.

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