Should I get a fake ID to go clubbing in Montreal?

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  • Should I get a fake ID to go clubbing in Montreal?


Answer #1 | 06/01 2013 17:31
no, don't be stupid, you get caught you can get into alot of trouble. and if your drinking and driving and kill or hurt someone you will loose your license and go to jail for a long time. Just wait, trust me you will have the rest of your life to get stupid, don't be in such a big hurry.
Answer #2 | 06/01 2013 19:25
No. There's an age limit for a reason. Clubs are dangerous, full of bad people
Answer #3 | 07/01 2013 20:10
Clubs turn down real ID all the time. They are under no obligation to allow anyone in - clubs are private property, not public. They can kick anyone they want out or prevent anyone they want from entering. Your logic is a bit flawed on this. Using your cousins ID is not using real ID. It's using fake ID. The id isn't yours and you are fraudulently using someone else's so that's not real. So... you will be arrested for using fake ID, your cousin's ID will be confiscated, your cousin will be in legal trouble for allowing you to use ID to commit a crime. Have I missed anything?

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