Should I call? (Had a job interview, thought I got it, but...)?

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  • Should I call? (Had a job interview, thought I got it, but...)?


Answer #1 | 17/12 2013 16:01
Call tomorrow during business hours. Ask to speak with the manager, then tell him or her who you are and that you were just calling to check in the status of your interview. Showing initiative always helps, even if you don't get the job now. You will have a good standing with the manager for being professional in case you ever apply again. Good luck!
Answer #2 | 17/12 2013 18:55
Uh, trust me, you got the job. You wouldn't be filling out extra paperwork or providing your SSN if you weren't in the process of being hired. Nor would they have provided you detailed info on uniform requirements. You just have to be patient, it's a fast food restaurant. Sometimes they are just to busy too make that call, but it will happen. Good luck with the new job.
Answer #3 | 17/12 2013 18:53
Answer #4 | 17/12 2013 16:38
Call during normal hours, do not call the store #, that would be stupid. Call the interview # that you mentioned. If they don't call you by Thursday or Friday, I would call them. give them a couple more days.
Answer #5 | 17/12 2013 21:08
I would call the interview number between 8 am and 5 pm tomorrow. If that doesn't get results, I would call the local store and politely explain your situation to the manager. It certainly sounds like they hired you. Your new employer should expect you would want to know how to proceed. Sonic is a large company and may need a little time to process the paper you had your father sign. The local manager should be happy to advise you on your status. I have hired many people over others only because they were persistent, even if they became a little annoying. It showed they wanted it more to me.
Answer #6 | 17/12 2013 22:58
Yes, you should call with in working hours. Sometimes they are too busy in their schedule because of lots of call their to check your status.
Answer #7 | 18/12 2013 13:48
Answer #8 | 18/12 2013 08:34
its the managers job to deal with your concerns. call and ask for the hiring manager and she can answer any kind of questions that you have. you can never call to much lol
Answer #9 | 18/12 2013 02:00
yeah,, if u want to get. u have to call. then have a good expression

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