Should extremely wealthy parents encourage their kids to be chronic liars so that they'll have a good shot at being President someday?

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  • Should extremely wealthy parents encourage their kids to be chronic liars so that they'll have a good shot at being President someday?


Anonymous836403 | 28/08 2017 04:02
Proof ?And at whom are you directing this? Chelsea Clinton ?
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Anonymous14044 | 27/08 2017 19:25
Like Teddy Kennedy ? May he rest in peace
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Anonymous435443 | 18/08 2017 05:35
Hahahahah ! Jeb Bush is never going too be president. Never.
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Anonymous65162 | 10/08 2017 21:33
I'm not sure most politicians have wealthy parents .
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Anonymous839567 | 27/07 2017 12:15
Nope. Teach their kids to donate on the streets, have them visit the South Bronx, Lake City/Aurora, Compton, etc. (all major hoods in the US) and do charity work for peace corps NOT owned by religious groups (World Vision, etc ARE religious groups). Have them become highly educated and force them to work hard (physically and mentally). If they don't understand the problems that the working man has to feel, then they will never have a shot at being a good President. Also, don't let them seek religion. That's a death trap.
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johnkestler629330 | 25/03 2018 23:28
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Snowshark | 21/10 2018 22:11
Hmmm lets see: Harry Truman, Haberdasher: Dwight Eisenhower, Dirt poor farm family, adult life in the military then President: John F Kennedy, very wealthy family background of military service and ran with family influence and money: Lyndon B Johnson, Rancher some family money, came up through the democrat system in Texas and made lots of Money; Richard Nixon, Not from rich family but worked his way up to congress and let his mouth carry him the rest of the way, then just couldn't keep it straight; Gerald Ford, you should always be careful who you pick for a VP, no real money here; Jimmy Carter, lots of influence in south Georgia and probably to smart to be president should have stuck to peanuts and Nuclear Physics; Ronald Reagan; No money in his background started out as a radio announcer in the midwest and had such a good voice that Hollywierd had to have him for the Movies, made his way up as a republican leading a union, go figure; George H W Bush, navy aviator got lucky and found oil; Bill Clinton, No real money in the background but sure was able to stretch the truth around the tree and taught his wife how also it seems; George W Bush: Sure enough Daddy had lots of money , as far as lying just not sure but he could stretch a point, think he took lessons from his predecessor; Barrack Obama, No money growing up, no one seems to know how he got where he ended up so fast except the he was probably the best speech reader in modern time, and I think that if we look for a while we would find some truth obfuscating here also, just seems to go with the office. With the present occupant there was Money, but despite sincere efforts by Republicans and Democrats they just don't seem able to pin a lie on him, maybe some obfuscation, but that seems to go with the office. We may not like what someone says but that doesnt mean its a lie. Please go back to school and study history and learn what has gone on in the past before condemning the present.
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Anonymousperson | 26/07 2019 02:51
Should liberal parents teach their children to never learn facts or the history of the USA and other nations ....and teach them to lie to themselves and others about the destructive and devisive and impoverishing actions of socialism and or communism? Hmmmmm? I'm voting for Trump.
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