Should Congress have term limits?

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  • Should Congress have term limits?


Answer #1 | 13/02 2014 04:56
Answer #2 | 13/02 2014 05:37
Yes. Can't have the same people in there too long. It risks corruption and easier influence by outside parties.
Answer #3 | 13/02 2014 05:19
i have a rather radical idea concerning term limits. one person, one term, period. once you've served a single term in public office, you are never again eligible to run for ANY other public office at ANY level of government. this would completely eliminate "career politicians" from the landscape, and return control of the government to the citizens as it is meant to be.
Answer #4 | 13/02 2014 05:41
Term limits are daft. You're basically saying "I don't like it that enough people vote to re-elect this person several times so I want to take that decision away from them".
Answer #5 | 13/02 2014 10:26
They have to go to the people very few years , don't they?
Answer #6 | 13/02 2014 04:32
If people are not going to pay attention then yes.
Answer #7 | 13/02 2014 04:54
Wouldn't that be nice. Sadly, and unless I'm mistaken, they'll have to impose those limits upon themselves. ------- PattieBoy has given the legislator's standard answer to why we should not have term limits for Congress. Or any legislature, really. The notion that only people already serving are qualified to serve is, of course, nonsense of the first order. If you'll buy that, then I've got a really wonderful bridge I can sell you. Cheap, too! lol
Answer #8 | 13/02 2014 04:43
No, replacing legislators with people who have little experience is not going to really benefit the nation.

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