Severe mania, will it slow down?

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  • Severe mania, will it slow down?


Answer #1 | 24/12 2013 21:27
I'm an ultra-rapid cycler, so mine actually tend to go by after a few days, a few weeks tops... But for me, it works kind of like a fever. It gets worse and worse and worse, then it peaks, and then I drop into the endless abyss of depression. So at least in my experience, no, it doesn't slow down. It just takes jarring, jagged turns one way or the other. ECT tends to work for depression, including bipolar depression, but I've never heard of it being used for mania. I think what you're probably looking at is a serious med overhaul, especially if this has been going on for this long. Have you tried other, more sedating AAPs? Or even regular APs? I think those tend to be a little more aggressive, in a dampening way. It's really all just trial and error, though, unfortunately. :/ Best of luck!

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