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  • Septum Piercing Info?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 08:09
1.The pain itself is not bad, you'll feel a pull, some pressure, and a pinch. It's a needle going through your skin so it's gonna hurt and you are more than likely are going to cry because of the nerves that are right there. But to me it was less painful to like pop a pimple right there 2.If you get the horseshoe it would be best to let the irritation go down first,if you flip it up right away it will HURT a lot. When you get piercings make sure not to move them too often 3.I'm not entirely sure about that one, they might not, but it might be harder for your piercer 3.The swelling will not be noticeable at all (or at least it wasn't for me) 4.The healing process is not difficult at all, just do some salt water soaks and the irritation should stop in a few weeks 5.I live in the US and a piercing here in southern Arizona is around $40 including the jewelry and often a two for one sale
Answer #2 | 24/12 2013 07:48
1. When I got mine done I didn't think it was too bad. My navel was much worse. You may be different though as everyone has different pain tolerance levels. Also it HAS to go through the membrane, known as the sweet spot. It should never be pierced through the cartilage. 2. You can, but know that it'll make the healing process much more difficult, causing irritation and possible infection. But if you absolutely must, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before touching it and leave it alone as much as possible. 3. It'll swell a little, but it won't be very noticeable. 4. It'll still be visible with a barbel. I really don't recommend that though anyways. Horseshoes are the way to go at first. 5. The healing process isn't that bad as long as you don't mess with it and take good care of it, it does take a little longer to heal than most piercings. 6. Prices differ wherever you go. I'm really not sure about the UK but in the US I've seen pierces charge anywhere from 25-60USD

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