Self harm: Are scars a sign of weakness or strength?

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  • Self harm: Are scars a sign of weakness or strength?


Answer #1 | 13/02 2014 07:43
Self harm is addictive, dangerous and an indication that a person needs help. Please reach out for this help. Talk with trusted people in your life and consider seeing a Mental Health Professional, such as a Psychiatrist and/or Psychologist, so you can get the help and support it sounds like you need. In the meantime, consider using other healthy coping strategies, such as journaling, talking with friends, exercising, reading, etc. when you have thoughts of self-harming. Hang in there and take care of you. Stay strong, Counselor AH
Answer #2 | 13/02 2014 06:26
Are sign of depression.
Answer #3 | 13/02 2014 06:18
Scars are a sign of the body having suffered physical trauma. That is all they are. They are not signs of either weakness or strength. They are skin that has healed where once a wound was. How a person abstractedly interprets that purely physiological process is entirely personal and subjective.
Answer #4 | 13/02 2014 06:16
Self harm is a cry for help. If you self harm you need to go talk to someone about. So in my view its weakness but dosnt everyone have a weakness? Were not all perfect.

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