search now to ensure your claim of a "Forever " Prize number

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  • search now to ensure your claim of a "Forever " Prize number


Leonard Gregory | 02/07 2017 14:58
I would Like to claim my number to ensure my number to win $15,000,000.00 on August 31st, I am a disabled vet, in a wheel chair, and I would Love to win so I could pay my bills, and buy a small home for myself, and help my family, and our troos, and St. Jude's research center. Thank you, and God Bless you all at PCH.
Positive: 49.411764705882 %
Anonymous55732 | 03/07 2017 03:18
Seach now to win you claim a 'Forever' Prize Number.
Positive: 41.666666666667 %
Brian Curry | 18/07 2017 15:32
Positive: 49.180327868852 %
Marco Hernandez 972174 | 30/01 2018 19:01
Search now ensure my claim a"forever" prize number
Positive: 53.571428571429 %
Anonymous949728 | 30/01 2018 10:04
I would like to claim my VIP Number to claim the forever prize on feb 23rd, so I could pay off all of my bills, buy a home, help my family, and help the disabled vet's, and give to the St. Jude's research center.
Positive: 50.943396226415 %
Vanessa brandonA98871 | 13/03 2018 23:59
Positive: 44.067796610169 %
Marco Hernandez 972174 | 30/01 2018 19:13
Claim a forever a prizes number
Positive: 52 %
Erin witmore | 13/03 2019 03:32
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Positive: 100 %
[email protected] | 30/01 2018 22:25
Forever PCH Cash Prizes Win now February 23rd Prize 23rd Prize claim my entries for A Ford Explorer my entries and numbers to Win.
Positive: 48.076923076923 %
Betty D.Dangerfield | 29/11 2017 08:03
I'm trying to find claim number for power prize my name is Betty Dillon Dangerfield and my number is 8800
Positive: 44.444444444444 %
Anonymous238100 | 15/03 2018 09:53
I would like to claim my number for he forever prize number
Positive: 51.063829787234 %
Vanessa brandonA98871 | 30/01 2018 15:39
Positive: 50 %
Marco Hernandez 972174 | 30/01 2018 18:58
Good morning PCH I wants to find my prise number for .5000.00 dls a week for life
Positive: 45.652173913043 %
Charles R Sanchez | 07/06 2018 14:33
Trying to claim my prize number to attain this prize for my family and friends that need my help so badly. I just woke my friend for dialysis’s & the poor thing was in tears. Please help lord so that I may help those that help me. Thank you.
Positive: 62.068965517241 %
Pauline A.Smith | 09/04 2018 02:32
Positive: 58.064516129032 %
Anonymous974555 | 21/04 2018 23:48
1313 is my answer for Sweepstakes 11000 is it correct
Positive: 58.064516129032 %
John Daugherty | 05/09 2018 20:38
I would like to get my prize. # to try and keep some hope of winning enough to get my.wife a seeing eye dog.She got wet macular degeneration and is blind now.She does'nt leave house now.Had to quit her 22year hospital job.can't drive.I'm cook now dangerous to eat here.were seventy's now .she still gets 5000.oo dollar shot in left eye every other month till insurance quits. I'm immobility chair after life in coal mine HELP WOULD BE ANSWER TO MUCH TALK WITH GOD. BLESS YOU PEOPLE,HOPE IS GOO
Positive: 70.588235294118 %
Gale Washington | 05/05 2018 05:35
Don’t know the QUESTION! But I WOULD LIKE TO CLAIM MY PRIZE FOR $10,000.00!
Positive: 56.666666666667 %
Leonard Gregory | 24/03 2018 11:40
I am a disabled Vet, and I would like to claim my prize Number to win $7,000.00 a week For Life on April 23rd so I could pay off my bills, buy a home, give to the St. Jude's research Center, and help get the homeless Vet's off the streets.
Positive: 51.612903225806 %
Antonio Thomas Sr | 24/03 2018 21:34
Hello PHC my name is Antonio Thomas Sr and I am trying to search and claim my number for prize number 11000 praying to God that I win the sweepstakes for life thank you
Positive: 50 %
Karen Combs | 07/06 2018 15:12
I would like to claim my prize numbers to win
Positive: 50 %
Anonymous922497ulises zacarias | 25/03 2018 04:36
Ulises Zacarias prize numbers so i cliam my prize
Positive: 46.875 %
Karen Combs | 07/06 2018 15:10
Am searching for my prize number with PCH #1100
Positive: 51.851851851852 %
Karen Combs | 11/06 2018 15:03
Search Now for my PCH prize number
Positive: 44.827586206897 %
Anonymous830363 | 15/04 2018 10:00
I would like to claim my number for a week for life . I need to win GOD Bless thank you I prayed so much you are my angels
Positive: 40.625 %
Anonymous750519 | 09/04 2018 02:30
Positive: 46.153846153846 %
Karen Combs | 11/06 2018 15:01
I want to accept my prize number
Positive: 44.444444444444 %
Candy barbaree | 01/10 2018 08:31
Claim my prize number,thank u.please pick me,
Positive: 57.142857142857 %
Charles R Sanchez | 07/06 2018 14:39
Please help those that have helped me in the past. I hear my friend in pain & doesn’t know what to do. I so wish I could afford to help. There are so many beautiful people I know that need your wonderful spirit to help with their afflictions. It hurts me not to be able to help those who have helped me. Thank you lord.
Positive: 47.826086956522 %
Jesse cervantes204386 | 13/10 2018 02:40
Searching for claim prize number winning would be a life change at the right time in my life
Positive: 50 %
Brandi Burkhead | 18/09 2018 02:11
I want to search and claim my forever prize number for pch
Positive: 46.666666666667 %
Emanuelel Wise | 06/12 2018 15:40
I Emanuel Wise is claiming the elibillity and ownership of prize number to win 7,000 a week for life from gwy # 11000 on December 21.
Positive: 50 %
anthony tailleur | 14/01 2019 00:04
+ yes here iam claiming my Forever Prize number and have been doing it for over 20 years may be will pay off and i can replace the many losses i have let become true banking on dreams of winning ....
Positive: 50 %
Barbara Brown | 10/03 2019 01:37
I Barbara Brown Want To Ensure My Unique Prize Number / And all my Valid Eligible Prize Numbers are Secured in my Name only and are Secured on Winner Selection List waiting To be Awarded and assigned back to me. I BBrown Sole Owner of FourthComing Prize Numbers can Win If Selected on Award day ....!!! 03/26/19 I hope this is the Final Step!! I Barbara Brown am Claiming my Final Step In timely manner in a timely Search timely Response by the deadline before 11:59 pm ET I Barbara Brown Do, hereby Claim, Accept, Acknowledge all of the above To be true And Binding and I Claim all monies it may win and all monies it wins it’s Owner BBrown I want to be Ensured that the Final Step is In Complete Compliance I CONFIRM!!!! BBrown YES YES YES I WANT TO WIN WIN WIN THIS WOULD BE THE FIRST TIME EVER THAT I WON SOMETHING...!!!!?!?! B WHAT A WONDERFUL WONDERFUL SURPRISE THAT WOULD BE TO SEE THE PRIZE PATROL WITH A BIG FAT CHECK FOR ME,FLOWERS AND CHAMPAGNE WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY THAT WILL BE!!! ThankYou BBrown
Positive: 50 %
Erin witmore | 13/03 2019 03:32
Search to claim my prize number
Positive: 50 %
Barbara Brown | 25/02 2019 04:48
My Title Of Ownership Locked inside the Winning Number Generator with all my Eligible Prize Numbers is my proof to Ensure My Claim On My Forever Prize Number/Numbers Thanks BBrown Confirm I want to Win!!! Gwy 11000 February 28th...!!!?!??!?! YES
Positive: 50 %
Barbara Brown | 25/02 2019 04:17
I Barbara Brown am here to Ensure My Prize Numbers are Secured And Activated on the Official Winner Selection List And Assigned To me only, I Barbara Brown, the Sole Owner of said FourthComing Prize Numbers . Claim and want , Accept, Need My Personal Super Prize Number,Super Prize Number/Numbers I can’t Win without them I BBrown I WANT TO WIN CONFIRM I WANT TO WIN!!!’ CONFIRM YES YES YES A Once in a lifetime legacy To Win Gwy #11000 $5000 a week Forever Prize Winner on February 28th I BBrown Confirm I have Entered by the deadline before 11:59 PM ET Complete Compliance Official Rules with timely Response timely action and timely need of my Prize Numbers Please Activate Final Step to receive my prize Numbers Activated Fully Eligible to have a chance to be Selected Winner Of $5000 a week Forever Prize February 28th..!!!?!?! Today!!! What Else..!!?!?!!?!!?!Thanks BBrown
Positive: 50 %
Anonymous485094 | 23/02 2019 15:04
How do I claim $5000 week today
Positive: 50 %

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