Seafood or Beef? Which do you prefer when dining out?

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  • Seafood or Beef? Which do you prefer when dining out?


Answer #1 | 16/04 2010 09:54
Beef. I'm not much into seafood. And it's also better if you kiss after the meal...
Answer #2 | 16/04 2010 10:29
Seafood, because the stuff restaurants get is so much fresher than what I can get at the grocery store. Plus, they can never get my steak cooked right, so I prefer cooking my own at home on the grill.
Answer #3 | 16/04 2010 09:59
Beef, preferrably Steak !
Answer #4 | 16/04 2010 09:57
I'm a beef man every time, although I could probably do without meat of any sort.Do you think I'm turning into a vegetarian? Can't be doing with the thouight of eating any seafood at all. Masha.
Answer #5 | 16/04 2010 11:52
I prefer seafood now, but back when I had my teeth I preferred beef.
Answer #6 | 16/04 2010 11:59
I am from Baltimore i like to go out and get a crab cake or stuffed shrimp. I like to grill my steaks my self !i say seafood .
Answer #7 | 17/04 2010 08:29
Beef--steaks in particular
Answer #8 | 16/04 2010 13:23
beef a nice prime rib is my fav..
Answer #9 | 16/04 2010 12:17
Seafood!!! Yummy!

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