Scared about First Job at a Cafe! Help!?

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  • Scared about First Job at a Cafe! Help!?


Answer #1 | 18/12 2013 01:28
Honestly, it's fine to make mistakes at first. It's only going to be your first shift. Your boss will understand that I'm sure. He/she can't be that mean to have such a high expectation of you already! You just have to identify that you shouldn't dwell on your mistakes when you make them but to be sure to learn from it. Don't be afraid to ask for some help but be sure not to depend on coworkers too much. When you have some free time keep observing your coworkers but the best way to learn is by doing it. Make mistakes but be sure to correct them. Just stay focused, positive, relaxed and determined to improve. Don't forget to smile and follow the rules. If all else fails during customer service, tell the customer the truth: you're new here. I'm sure they'll understand too.
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Answer #2 | 02/01 2014 01:55
Ive been through this. Trust me at first you ll look like a weirdo but then after a few days youll know things to do. It will take u a month to be used to ur job.dont be nervous just be focus and confident. Good luck. Thank you for ur answer.
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