Samurai Jack has concluded; where would you rate the final episode from 1 to 10?

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  • Samurai Jack has concluded; where would you rate the final episode from 1 to 10?


Answer #1 | 23/05 2017 04:31
Don't have a 1-10 for you, but have to say I liked them giving Ashi the powers of Aku, I liked all of Jack's friends coming to his rescue despite them knowing they'll likely be killed. I liked that Ashi used Aku's magic to return Jack to the past to kill Aku. I liked that Aku was killed in the past. However, I didn't like that Ashi didn't disappear sooner. That we had to sit through the marriage ceremony/walk before she finally collapsed and disappeared. She should have disappeared sooner - like shortly after Jack slayed Aku. Then he wouldn't be able to enjoy his victory over Aku so much - it would always be a very bittersweet memory. Also, no one outside Aku's cave would see his agony. No one else in his time would have an opportunity to come to know Ashi and see Jack and Ashi together. As far as they know, Jack never went to the future - he went to slay Aku with his magic sword alone, succeeded, then returned alone. A more appropriate ending would have been the world gathering to celebrate Jack's victory over Aku, but everyone confused as to why Jack is not as happy about it as everyone else. He can try to tell them the story, but no one will believe him, because there's no proof, and it just sounds like a fantastic tale. By having Ashi survive so long as a temporal paradox simply to have everyone in the past know that Jack's adventures in the future were real really diminishes the potential of the story. Because as it stands, you still wonder if time no longer affects Jack - is he still immortal? A better ending might be like the "Conan the Barbarian" ending - with a somber, brooding Jack, sitting on his throne staring into the camera as the narrator tells the tale of whether or not Jack is still immortal, and if he is, what his kingdom in the future is like; and how he is bored and tired as he could never find another woman like Ashi in his entire life. But then the writers would be accused of ripping off Conan the Barbarian. XD
Positive: 49.152542372881 %
Answer #2 | 23/05 2017 03:50
Positive: 55.31914893617 %

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