Samsung galaxy s4 or iphone 4, 4s or 5?

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  • Samsung galaxy s4 or iphone 4, 4s or 5?


Answer #1 | 27/12 2013 15:50
It depends on what you really want it for. They are all really good for play (apps, features, etc) and both are good for work. If you are looking for a phone to just call or text than either are good. I would say that either are good for the basics, but it depends on what you want for fun out of it. Each has a different Operating System, ios, and android. I prefer ios more just because I am more familiar with it (and I like the new ios7). If you are considering getting an android than by all means get the galaxy s4. If you are considering getting an ios device then I would recommend the 5 (if you can I would HIGHLY recommend the 5s, which I have and is absolutely fantastic). If money is tight and you can only get either the 4s or 4 than get the 4s, which is slightly faster, and has siri for your entertainment!
Answer #2 | 27/12 2013 15:58
If you want a good one it's up to you and wht you like but my suggestion is I phone 4s/5 altho I have the 5 which is still awesomd and the best thing about ios is its very easy to get hang of and youre most likely to prefer it andget used to I sooner, I personally think android is more complicated and cofusing and the ios is simpler to use and understand and get your way around Please answer mine anyone :(
Answer #3 | 28/12 2013 20:41
I prefer galaxy s4.though I'm using Note 3
Answer #4 | 29/12 2013 12:13
Don't go for iPhones unless you want a phone that is simple and doesn't do much. Androids are capable of doing much more things. I have the Samsung galaxy s4 and it is a great phone. But if I were you I would go for the Lg G2

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