Rwd truck on winter/snow?

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  • Rwd truck on winter/snow?


Answer #1 | 11/12 2013 11:23
You can buy full sand bags at hardware stores. We started with 180 pounds in our mustang with winter tires and it was still pretty scary. You might pick up some chains as a backup if they're legal there. Never stop when driving up hill. You won't be able to get going again. Don't make sudden changes in acceleration, braking or turning.
Answer #2 | 11/12 2013 11:31
Winter Tires in the Rear or New All Season at least, You can buy sandbags from Home Depot or Lowes and Throw them in back and it'll help in a slippery situation along with weight about 5-6 of em should do for t100
Answer #3 | 11/12 2013 12:21
Never had a problem in our 07 F150 FX2 with the 5.4 300hp V8. It drives in the snow perfectly fine as long as you don't drive like an idiot. Although an F150 and T100 are completely different things.
Answer #4 | 11/12 2013 21:57
400lbs and some good rear tires
Answer #5 | 14/12 2013 08:39
buy Super Swamper Bogger tires... No problems in the snow, ice, mud, rocks, sand , or water
Answer #6 | 12/12 2013 06:39
NEXEN - Win-Spike winter tires are the best choice for you

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