RPMs drop at 40mph? Help?

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  • RPMs drop at 40mph? Help?


Answer #1 | 26/12 2013 13:35
It's the automatic transmission 'hunting'. Some transmissions, particularly certain European cars tend to do this at the shift point between various gears. In others, it's a sign of wear or malfuction of the transmission. If the car has always done this, then chalk it up to design. If it has started recently, time for a transmission check, which can easily be done with a test drive without a mechanic opening the transmission.
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Answer #2 | 26/12 2013 13:39
Sounded like the speed sensor is going south on your car. Since the car Year, Make or Model are unknown so basically the Transmission Control Module (TCM) need the input signal from the Speed sensor in controlling the shifting. Another function of the Speed sensor is also send the signal to the Tachometer for RPMs indication or read out. If the transmission need servicing or if you want to find out if your transmission is going bad or not then the link will explain the early symptoms: Read on.. Hope it help.
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Answer #3 | 26/12 2013 12:43
#1. Change the fuel filter first. #2. Ask a trusted private to test the fuel pressure on the fuel rail pressure fitting. This is a very inexpensive test BUT the fuel filter mist be clean to get an accurate fuel pressure reading.
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