Rocketfish component video cable?

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  • Rocketfish component video cable?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 17:55
Try another cable. The one you have may be defective. [From U.S. via Y!A Canada]
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Answer #2 | 24/12 2013 07:37
Look again. You did NOT connect "...the correct colors". You took some device with a Yellow RCA output (called "composite") and plugged it into the Green input on your TV (called "component"). These signals are NOT the same. Without more details about your TV and device you are hooking up we cannot really advise you. But - modern HDTV's look horrible with standard def video so many televisions these days no longer support standard def.
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Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 20:53
I suspect that the color coded ends have been mixed up. If you are trying to watch tonight and can't get to Best Buy - follow the actual leads just to get by for now.
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Answer #4 | 24/12 2013 19:35
If your Rocketfish component cable looks like this in the link then there's no audio with that. It's just a picture cable. So if this is the onlt cable you connected, and all you plugged in was just the three RCAs each end, then you definitely got it hooked up wrong or the incorrect input selected on the TV menu. Component uses 3 cables for picture. Sound is dealt with separately. If you have a black & white double picture, then you connected from the Y (Luma) on the source device to a yellow Video-In RCA on the TV or other device or you selected the wrong input on the TV. The yellow connector is composite video. The word is very similar to component but the two things are different. The Y part of the Component signal is a black & white image. The yellow RCA socket for composite video is expecting a full color image on a single connector. That's why the picture is black & white. To make a color picture with Component the connections between source and display are Y (Luma) and R-Y and B-Y. These last two provide the color information. The socket colors match the cable colors. So green for green, red for red, blue for blue if the TV has a dedicated component input. In the days before HDMI, you'd find that TVs had one or two composite inputs, maybe an S-video, and as many as three Component inputs. Now HDMI is here then those RCA style inputs have been cut right back. It's common now to find that the TV has just one set of multi-purpose connections now labelled as "AV". There's Y R-Y B-Y sockets, but the Y might double up as the composite connection. So you gotta grab that remote and make sure you select the correct option from the TV's input menu. This brings us on to the double picture. The double picture is because that input isn't expecting a line doubled (576p) or HDTV signal. The TV is expecting basic composite video or basic component and you're trying to give it something that it can't cope with. So, double check. If the green plug from the Rocketfish cable is connecting to a yellow socket on the TV but you can see a green RCA socket too then that's where you should be connected. If the TV has just an AV connection, then you need to use the TV remote to change input to the Component option. When you do that then the TV wakes up the correct processing. Check your R-Y B-Y connections too. Make sure they are in the correct sockets. Sound - if you haven't got some already, get a stereo RCA cable and hook up the audio feed.
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