Rip-able hard plastic?

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  • Rip-able hard plastic?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 16:21
Plastic can't be ripped. Without getting all sciencey the molecular structure of plastic is meant for it not to be ripped or broken. Thats why it is used so often. Even very thin plastic is un-rippable.Try ripping a plastic food storage bag. It doesn't work. You can bend it or stretch it but you really can't do a good job of ripping it. The thicker the plastic - the more strength it has- and the more impossible it is to rip. There are plastic (food) storage bags that can be ripped open but they are all "SCORED" to rip. Scoring is a series of closely placed slits in the plastic that allow you to tear it open.Those slits go all the way thru the plastic.They are placed very close together so you are really ripping only a tiny tiny piece of plastic at a time. Hard plastic would be totally unrippable. If you see plastic being ripped in a sci-fi or comic book movie keep in mind that is only special-effect camera wizardry and the plastic is not really being ripped.
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