Restaurant employees: how much of the tips do servers share?!?

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  • Restaurant employees: how much of the tips do servers share?!?


Answer #1 | 20/11 2013 16:39 depends...some restaurants don't have that tip sharing policy...but i when i worked i shared 5-10% with my busers, depending on how good my night was...
Answer #2 | 20/11 2013 18:10
I work in the food business and we never had to tip the cashier... only the bartender, bus person and a food runner. That was enough!
Answer #3 | 20/11 2013 16:47
U will find out
Answer #4 | 20/11 2013 18:38
some restaurants don't have that tip sharing policy..
Answer #5 | 20/11 2013 19:25
Yup, it depends on the restaurant. I have worked in 3 restaurants now where only the bartenders got tipped out, but the bartenders were making a lightly elevated tip wage. If you're working at or above minimum--not a tipped wage--don't expect much.
Answer #6 | 21/11 2013 17:22
Cashiers do not receive tips. Servers are only are to required to tip out other service employees, such as bartenders and busboys. So to answer your question 0%.
Answer #7 | 21/11 2013 00:51
Hi Jenny Doll, I have had my share of working in bars through the years and one restaurant , And as long as I was the waitress I never had to give any of my tips to other people. But I worked one night at Billy Bob,s in Ft Worth Texas and when we closed the bartender told all of us to count our tips, 10 percent went to the bartender. I looked at him and the other bar maid, and I told them your not getting any of my tips. We work harder than a bartender. So I quite the first night I worked there. They made good tips. As far as I am concerned you should not get anything.......................... Your not the one walking your legs off taking care of the customers, bringing them there food, being cussed at because there food is not right. I sorry,,,,,, But that just really goes all over me. You want to make tips, wait tables . for a living. Did not mean to be so harsh. That is not like me at all.

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