Restaraunt food prices in Rome?

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  • Restaraunt food prices in Rome?


Answer #1 | 21/03 2008 13:41
not entirely sure but it will be interesting to know for when i go over there
Answer #2 | 21/03 2008 13:48
When I went last summer we averaged about 20 to 25E per person for dinner (sometimes including wine/beer). If you go to a nice place, look at spending about 30 to 45E per person inclusive.
Answer #3 | 21/03 2008 13:47
For a nice one with wine probably about £35. Yes, quite pricey!!
Answer #4 | 21/03 2008 13:51
wise up....just enjoy it you lucky ******
Answer #5 | 21/03 2008 14:32
Not particularly expensive. My husband and I were in Rome last June and had meals out. Try eating in or around the Spanish Steps - lovely place to eat there. Prices are about the same as in London.
Answer #6 | 23/03 2008 10:44
You can get a good meal and wine for about 20 Euros (per person) or even less. Many of the restaurants have Menu Turistico which offer 2 or 3 course for an all inclusive price. They are generally good value but of course tend to be full of tourists. One good tip if you don 't want a full blown restaurant meal but still want decent Italian food try the buffet restaurant at Stazione Termini - the main station. It has a wonderful array of salads and sweets and pastas and meats. You can drink wine's or beers as well and at lunch times and evening there is a piano player. It is always busy with mainly Italians and a real chance to eat a good meal and watch the locals going about their business. Well worth it for the experience but the delicious food is a bonus. I don't recall the name but I think it is opposite platform 1/2/3 and has self service in it's name. It is not immediately obvious from the outside because you have to almost walk through a bar to get to it!
Answer #7 | 22/03 2008 10:26
Three course meal will cost you anywhere upwards from 30euro in the centre. Really depends on where you go and what you want to eat.... if you are looking for more well priced places, then avoid the main tourist areas which will be more expensive and the food not terrobly good. Head over to Trastevere which is the old jewish ghetto. Spoilt for choice over there, good prices and not so touristy.

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