remapping my vauxhall astra vxr.?

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  • remapping my vauxhall astra vxr.?


Answer #1 | 06/12 2013 14:32
A decent re map will take you up to around 270bhp and gain around a 5% mpg increase. If you go higher with the power you lose reliability and the MPG may go down. It also can be a generic map for your car or a custom map where they use a rolling road to get you exactly what you want but that will be considerably more expensive. Decent companies usually start at £300ish for a generic map depending if it can be done via the OBD or more if the ECU needs removing. You do not require any other parts for the car as it is mapped to run as stock.
Answer #2 | 06/12 2013 23:57
Hi ben be very careful what you wish for with a remap it can go very wrong. yes a little tweek to far can lead to a disasterous situation some miles later like a blown engine. so the cost well that is the easy bit about 200-400 GBP. as to what difference it will make well. here is the problem do it and not inform the insurance company who will want to add extra premium as well. have an accident and they find out it has been tampered with. the insurance becomes null and void and your beloved car then ends up being crushed at a VOSA depot and you face criminal charges for no insurance. so is it really worth it.

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