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Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 10:01
I left nearly a whole year off my resume as I didn't feel that it was entirely pertinent to my experience, and didn't want to answer questions about why I was leaving a company after only a year which doesn't look good (boss was a jerk and I was miserable and totally stressed about him, but try saying that in an interview!!). I will say that a 2-month stint at a company should probably be left off your resume if you can seamlessly transition into your new position. Couple of reasons: 1) It makes you look flighty and indecisive. 2) Your loyalty will be called into question by any one who ever interviews you and sees this record. 3) You don't want to answer the question "Why did you leave?" 4) Even if you have a great answer, see reasons 1 and 2, which will be in the back of the interviewer's mind the whole interview. 5) You're not there long enough to really have learned anything from the position, so it would be a waste of your interviewer's time to read. On the other hand, our generation isn't really one that stays put in one company for too long- a few years here, a year there... We are nomads and that's a good thing as it gains us experience in all kinds of different fields and different skills, so having a resume that contains a lot of entries isn't necessarily a bad thing. Still though, 2 months should be left off, it's just not relevant to your career record as a whole. Good luck!
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