RCT 3 running very slow Windows 8?

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  • RCT 3 running very slow Windows 8?


Answer #1 | 05/01 2014 12:54
i7 from Alien Ware? I am sure you payed grands for it. AMD Radeon? I am pretty sure it's 7xxx and above because you have an i7. Check the other games again. Make sure they still run fine. And what are the other games. Please provide more detail, ex when you played it. Are there other processes going on. What happened before you played.
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Answer #2 | 07/01 2014 08:57
radeon what? 2gb tells us almost nothing useful, we need a model number looking at the dell website you bought the $1299 x51 with a 4770 and a 270x the 270x is slightly slower than a 7850. still shouldnt have issues playing something like RCT 3 I honestly feel bad for you, many people here could have parted together a setup for you for around $1000-1100 that would run circles around that x51, you paid about $200 for the name...
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