Questions about Cultural Globalization in the US?

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  • Questions about Cultural Globalization in the US?


Answer #1 | 17/12 2013 13:14
many of our foods or food ingredients are imported due to deals with other countries. Often the same exact ingredient is both imported AND exported. Wheat is one such ingredient. US both imports and exports wheat. As to ethnic groups, this link can answer some of your questions. There is no way to know how often people eat foods other than what is considered traditional American food. How the heck would anyone know if my family is having German Russian food for dinner tonight at home??? Or if we decided to do homemade sushi or stir fry? No one has to report to anyone what we eat. YOU are asking some questions that are impossible to answer with any accuracy.
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Answer #2 | 17/12 2013 09:17
I could estimate a lot based from every item I picked from supermarkets is either MADE IN CHINA, MADE IN TAIWAN, MADE IN INDIA in short from Asian countries including Japan, Korea, Thailand , Malaysia etc. In regards to the number of residents in different ethnic groups, just in and around my neighborhood are from China, Middle East, Korea, Japan, India again a good demographics of people from Asian countries. The other questions search in Google *
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