Question Concerning the Deathly Hallows movies?

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  • Question Concerning the Deathly Hallows movies?


Answer #1 | 11/06 2010 07:01
I'm gonna be pretty mad if Deathly Hallows gets delayed and they show a Twilight movie instead.
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Answer #2 | 10/06 2010 16:11
I don't want it to end, either, Harry! No Harry Potter fan does. @Pansy: I cried too! Especially at the epic finale of Voldemort's death! I actually read that part so many times I have it memorized :D I always reread the series whenever I'm tired of other boring books, but then again, every other book is boring if it's not Harry Potter =)
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Answer #3 | 10/06 2010 16:05
I'm ok with That I Don't want it to End EDIT: Agreed, the Last book was a DEPRESSION! I Love Lost, but I Stopped following the Series. I'm planning to buy the Final season's DVD xD EDIT: @Pansy it must be Awesome! IMMA BUY IT! @Luna Charlie's death was ridiculous... @Pansy What a ridiculous reason for killing Charlie He didn't deserve to die...
Answer #4 | 10/06 2010 15:59
They finished it already so I think they might be on time....
Answer #5 | 10/06 2010 16:14
I'm going to be so depressed when it ends! They'll be NO POTTER LEFT! What the heck will we do??? :'( EDIT: Oh yeah and about the Lost series finale.... MERLIN'S BEARD WAS IT AWESOME! I loved it. The whole show was just amazing, and I think they ended it very well. I <3 Charlie Pace by the way....
Answer #6 | 10/06 2010 19:23
it won't matter to me cause were i live the movies come like five days later after there release date
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Answer #7 | 10/06 2010 19:05
i dont care if its delayed as long as it is accurate to the books ( which i know it wont be they always butcher the storys)
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Answer #8 | 11/06 2010 10:59
don't worry if it is i'll get my mommy and daddy (bellatrix and voldemort) to have "a little word" with the director..

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