Question about PMS/pregnancy?

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  • Question about PMS/pregnancy?


Answer #1 | 27/12 2013 18:01
It depends on what you mean by PMS symptoms. PMS is a social construction, there is absolutely no scientific proof that it actually exists - that's not to say that women don't experience changes to their bodies leading up to menstruation, but that many supposed PMS symptoms like mood swings are less about hormones and more about social taboos surrounding menstruation (e.g. women are likely to feel negatively towards menstruation and thus be less than happy when they know they're close to menstruation). There is also a direct correlation between how a woman feels about menstruation and physical symptoms of PMS (e.g. women who feel more positively about menstruation are less likely to suffer menstrual cramps). As PMS symptoms can be psychosomatic it means that even if pregnant a woman may experience PMS symptoms.
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