Pros and cons of 2wd vs 4wd?

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  • Pros and cons of 2wd vs 4wd?


Answer #1 | 11/01 2017 03:55
4WD has only one big advantage over 2WD---you can accelerate better in slippery conditions. It does NOT give you better handling, steering or braking over 2WD. So if you need to get up a hill or various inclines, then you need it. If you live in flat country, then just get some snow tires for your 2WD.
Answer #2 | 11/01 2017 03:53
If you want to live in a police state, sure.
Answer #3 | 11/01 2017 03:17
You think removing two letters will help? I don't.
Answer #4 | 11/01 2017 03:14
1st Amendment says otherwise
Answer #5 | 11/01 2017 03:55
Answer #6 | 11/01 2017 03:06
If I take over one day I'll be locking all Repubs up.
Answer #7 | 11/01 2017 03:10
Under what part of the Constitution would that be allowed or sanctioned . . . that's right, it's an "unAmerican" proposal . . . congratulations for all those agree to a banning of DNC in showing your true colors
Answer #8 | 11/01 2017 03:07
Whatever one's frustration with the party they disagree with, one should never confuse that with the idea that a single party is a good idea. Single parties become corrupt and dictatorial...ALWAYS. You always want there to be an opposition party. A serious one.
Answer #9 | 11/01 2017 03:45
Only if you want to live in a oligarchy. Maybe you will get a taste of what that would be like over the next couple of years. I figure he'll be impeached within 2 years. Then you can find out what it's like to live in a theocracy. Then, hopefully, conservatives won't bother voting and we can get a good president .
Answer #10 | 11/01 2017 03:13
We need a third party so no one party has a majority and all must learn to compromise. No majority can ever be trusted to protect the interests of any minority -- and we're all minorities in some way.
Answer #11 | 11/01 2017 03:06 Obviously!............
Answer #12 | 18/01 2017 18:54
The only cons of 4wd are the added maintenance, decreased mileage and (for Chevrolet) undrivability on dry, paved roads. When you are in mud, ice, snow, sand, deep water or dirt, 4wd all the way.
Answer #13 | 11/01 2017 09:52
Hi so the advantages of 4 wheel drive speak for themselves when t comes to slippery surfaces. where grip is a must. however extra power to wheels does mean extra tire wear.
Answer #14 | 11/01 2017 03:02
4WD will handle better in the snow since you are using all 4 tires instead of only 2.
Answer #15 | 11/01 2017 03:07
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Answer #16 | 11/01 2017 03:06
No but Bernie got owned by a small business owner at town hall who happens to support Trump.
Answer #17 | 11/01 2017 03:06
hide their food stamps under their work boots and they'll all starve....problem solved
Answer #18 | 11/01 2017 03:06
no but i kinda agree with u ;)
Answer #19 | 11/01 2017 03:09
Yes, but that's just my opinion.

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