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Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 23:56
Hi! Jason and Aria don't really ever officially become a couple :( but Aria does obviously feel something for him (dreaming about him) but the rest of the girls have their reservations about him. Until we find out (SPOILER) that Spencer and Melissa are Jason's half sisters. After that he isn't really a concern and they all end up feeling more comfortable near him. As for Ezra and Aria.. I agree, so boring! They do break up a few times throughout the seasons but the Ezria shippers would be too heart broken for their break up to ever last. In season 3 Aria breaks things off when Ezra finds out he has a son. Aria feared she would put his son Malcolm in danger (A targeting Malcolm). This time they are broken up for real! And Aria is now dating a nice man named Jake! As for specific episodes their relationship and break up has been carried through a series of episodes until the most current episode.
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