Power supply problem?

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  • Power supply problem?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 06:06
changing of power supply
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 06:12
Your PSU is not the issue. The 6150LE is an integrated graphic CHIP and not a dedicated card. You should CLEAN your CPU heatsink/fan combo and reapply the thermal paste after cleaning it . You can visit youtube for step by step instructions on how to remove your heatsink. If you aren't comfortable with that procedure it should be taken into a qualified repair tech. The pins on the back can be easily bent if you are not careful. You have more than enough power. That PSU is designed with that motherboard configuration in mind. If you had modified the system by installing a dedicated card like a HD6750 or something like that then a PSU change would be necessary. As it sits your problem is due to your heatsinks inability to wick away the heat effectively and efficiently. It may be clogged with dust and/or the thermal paste may be dried up and worthless. The CPU surface and the heatsink base both have microscopic peaks and valleys which the thermal compound fills resulting in efficient heat transfer from the cpu to heatsink base up to the fan and finally out the back of your case. Apparently you may not have seated the heatsink correctly or applied too much paste. The heat sensor is for the CPU. The PSU is well outside of that program's ability to see. This of course makes dust not a problem so this is your first time applying new paste to a CPU? I would try again making sure it seats correctly. The lever seating correctly does not ensure the heatsink seating perfectly. It may be off by just a couple mm which means A LOT. It needs to be a razor thin amount. More thermal compound is NOT better. This temperature has been verified by your BIOS, speccy, HwMonitor, CPUid or other utility? One program MIGHT be wrong.
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