Polls: I'm not a bad person but America is inspiring me to frame people?

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  • Polls: I'm not a bad person but America is inspiring me to frame people?


Anonymous443479 | 04/08 2017 04:48
Only bad people would choose to "frame" anyone for any reason.
Positive: 60.8 %
anonymous | 13/09 2017 15:56
You need help . Find a counselor . Talk to a friend. Blaming victims and absolving yourself makes no sense.
Positive: 59.83606557377 %
Answer #3 | 05/06 2017 15:49
Anon, I heard about this and its spreading like wildfire. So far there is no antidote and, if ya go to A&E they'll just turn you away. ;-(
Positive: 62.71186440678 %
Anonymous329321 | 04/08 2017 04:46
I am incredulous you would blame an entire nation of around 360,000,000 people for your own pesonal decisions. Look at your own life. Look at your own family . Look are personal decisions . Incredibly childish of you . And i do mean incredibly childish.
Positive: 59.504132231405 %
Your other gramma | 12/09 2017 05:15
Well, let's consider your personal opinion of yourself . You say you are not a bad person. But it's not your fault you want to commit crimes and you b!ame your potential victims. Paedophiles do that. Bipolar people frequently do such things. So, to you , specifically when are you responsible for your personal choices and actions ? An entire country is at fault for your actions. That's just wrong.
Positive: 61.739130434783 %
Anonymous562224 | 22/06 2019 15:58
If you imagine an entire country is responsible for your own crimes, then you lie to yourself alot and you believe the lies politicians are telling you . Where is your safe space? In your parents basement? In your university lounge paid for by stupid donors or stupid taxpayers forced to pay for even more stupidity? When do you grow up? Never? Adulthood means being entirely responsible for each decision you make . There is an old Irish saying. Fool me once , shame on you! Fool me twice , shame on me!
Positive: 64.583333333333 %

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