Polls: I'm not a bad person but America is inspiring me to frame people?

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  • Polls: I'm not a bad person but America is inspiring me to frame people?


Anonymous443479 | 04/08 2017 04:48
Only bad people would choose to "frame" anyone for any reason.
Positive: 60 %
Anonymous329321 | 04/08 2017 04:46
I am incredulous you would blame an entire nation of around 360,000,000 people for your own pesonal decisions. Look at your own life. Look at your own family . Look are personal decisions . Incredibly childish of you . And i do mean incredibly childish.
Positive: 57.333333333333 %
Answer #3 | 05/06 2017 15:49
Anon, I heard about this and its spreading like wildfire. So far there is no antidote and, if ya go to A&E they'll just turn you away. ;-(
Positive: 60.56338028169 %
Your other gramma | 12/09 2017 05:15
Well, let's consider your personal opinion of yourself . You say you are not a bad person. But it's not your fault you want to commit crimes and you b!ame your potential victims. Paedophiles do that. Bipolar people frequently do such things. So, to you , specifically when are you responsible for your personal choices and actions ? An entire country is at fault for your actions. That's just wrong.
Positive: 61.194029850746 %
anonymous | 13/09 2017 15:56
You need help . Find a counselor . Talk to a friend. Blaming victims and absolving yourself makes no sense.
Positive: 53.521126760563 %

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